Accountability for the Lesson

Hope lots of "a-ha's" came up for you as you went through this chapter. Head into the Facebook Group and create a post.

  • This could be a question you want to get the thoughts of others on.
  • An "a-ha" moment that came up as you went through the material.
  • If nothing is coming to you in either of those areas, then go into the group and type a celebration that you finished the chapter.

This accountability step is often easy to skip as you feel like you don't have time. However, it's very important to your progress because it offers consistency and a check point. If time is a concern, I encourage you to post the 3rd option, a celebration you have finished the chapter.

If what you did has you having questions, I encourage you to bring it to a Group Coaching Call or sign up for a Private Coaching Call.

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