About This Chapter

One of my favorite things about my business is being able to watch entrepreneurs build their companies from idea to conception . . . then, helping them lay that solid foundation so they can grow.

It’s important to me that the coaching I do for them really helps them know what parameters to build around their organization so they can see the success they dream of.

I share this with you because this is the "why" behind my "what." I offer coaching, and I’m clear on what that means to me and to my clients.

Once the “businessy” stuff is set in place — which is not to be under-estimated — then you can start putting together your unique value propositions to potential clients. In this module, I’ll take you through identifying what Products & Services you love to offer your customers. This is really exciting for everybody because once you’re clear on whom you want to serve and HOW, and you have the right foundation, then you have the recipe for a great business.

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